Little Mosque on the Prairie

[tag: western Muslim TV show]

When I first watched the TV show titled “Little Mosque on the Prairie”, I was impressed. This really is a Muslim TV show in a non-Muslim country! I am not saying that there is no Muslim show on television, but it airs on the non-Muslim TV cable in a non-Muslim country. In addition, it is a great TV show for Muslim and non-Muslims alike because of its Islamic values. Plus, some of the actors and actresses on this show not even Muslim and that makes me all the more impressed!.

Little Mosque on the Prairie” is a Canadian sitcom on CBC, created by Zarqa Nawaz. It is produced by WestWind Pictures and has already been airing for four seasons of 66 episodes on CBC. Currently, they are trying to keep this show on the air and expand their market.

It has done an excellent job helping to explain a bit more about Islam and picturing Muslims in a very cool, funny and simple way. This show has not only led the way for more shows about Muslims on television, but it is teaching the average Eastern Muslim about what really happened in the Western Muslim world. It truly embodies true Islamic ideals and values in daily life.

This 30 minutes sitcom makes me so proud but, at the same time makes me feel ashamed too. It is because in some Muslim countries, their TV series do not represent Islam at all. They are Muslims but, they try to act like non-Muslims and copy all those immoral influences from western TV series. Why should this happen?  They just want to make money by showing cheap inadequate romantic TV series with bad story lines. To worse, they even spreading poor examples to the teenagers. This is something Muslim leaders should take action to overcome this kind of problem especially in Malaysia. That is why I’m not really watching Malay TV series since I left my high school. Maybe“Nur Kasih” and “Cinta Sempurna” are the exceptions because they have some Islamic values to digest. =)

In my opinion, we need more TV series/dramas that have moral values to be absorbed by viewers. By doing that, we can elevate people’s mind up and educate viewers a little bit about moral values and religion. I would suggest every Muslims and non-Muslims in Canada, U.S. or everyhwhere to watch “Little Mosque on the Prairie”. I would also promote Muslim TV stations, mainly in Malaysia, to put this show on air but, please don’t forget the subtitle : ) Enjoy!

Link to watch: “Little Mosque on the Prairie”

Comment from the producer: Zarqa Nawaz


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